Architect’s Creative Journey and the Connection with Brands

While creative processes can vary between professionals, there are some common elements that can be found in all design methods. The Architect’s Journey through Design Process is made up of three stages: Research, Specification and Construction. The connection between materials and construction products is essential in all three stages. The ultimate goal of architects is to create new environments that will withstand time and materialize their ideas. In order to increase their knowledge and make the most of every stage of their career, architects look for the best references and tools in various media.

This article will explain how architects interact with manufacturers and companies throughout their creative journey.

Stage 1: Inspiration

Architecture is known for looking at other projects in order to identify patterns, materials, and products that can help them create new ideas.

ArchDaily conducted a survey and found that the majority of architects visit architecture websites to find inspiration and reference material.ArchDailyByVisit Social Media ChannelsTo see the work of their colleagues.

This stage is where manufacturers and companies have the opportunity to be discovered by architects by placing their brand on the most popular channels by professionals. Manufacturers and companies can show off their products throughDisplay marketing. ArchDaily’s Halfpage Banner and Billboard Banner are two great examples of advertisements that can benefit from exposure on the most visited architecture website in the world.

Brands should focus their efforts on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook as the Social Media Channels they should be using to connect with architects. They are the most popular social media channels for architects and designers because of their visually-driven content.

Stage 2: Specification and Research

When architects gather technical data about materials and products in order to select the best solution, they expect professionals to be able to access the information on the manufacturers’ websites, or visiting showrooms and looking through online catalogs.

Engaging with architects to create valuable content will help you gain visibility and be different from your competitors. Different types of content can increase visibility. These include how-to guides that explain the installation process and case studies that show your material in use in different projects.

ArchDaily allows you to publish original stories, or work with ArchDaily’s editors to create an editorial article. These articles will be published by ArchDaily experts and promoted on high-visibility channels.

After being informed about all the options on the market, architects can start to select the products, materials and installation methods that will be used for their project. ArchDaily Catalogue allows architects to search for and specify high-quality materials that will lead to better projects.

The chart below shows how brands can play a crucial role in this stage. They display data sheets that include technical information about their products, high-resolution images, and PDF catalogues.

ArchDaily Membership can be purchased by your brand. This will allow all information to be displayed on a microsite that will showcase your products and projects. Our team can generate traffic to your microsite, regardless of whether your company is involved in construction or interior products.

Stage 3: Construction

Now architects are ready to begin construction on their project. They will likely need guidance and assistance in how to install the selected products and materials. This stage is where you can provide your clients with a great post-sale experience. You will keep in constant communication to assist them in using your products, and be ready in case they require more stock.

After the project is completed, architects will want to show it to ArchDaily. If the project is published and selected, it will be a design reference for other architects.

When all interactions between architects and companies are handled properly, customers will become loyal to your brand. This is the best kind of marketing you can do.

If architects are satisfied with your service, they’ll be proud to recommend your company to other professionals in the Inspiration Stage.