Audi Urbansphere revealed as electric SUV for Chinese market

Audi Urbansphere is a large-sized electric SUV that has been developed for the Chinese megacities. It completes its trio of sphere concepts.

This new concept is a continuation of the wild and shape-shifting Skysphere roadster idea and the radical Grandsphere design, which Audi describes as a large luxury saloon that’self-driving for the road’.

The Urbansphere, like its siblings, has level four autonomous driving capabilities and the same Premium Platform Electric architecture (PPE).

The new Urbansphere, which measures in at 5510mm length, 2010mm width, 1780mm high, and has a wheelbase measuring 3400mm, is the largest car from the Ingolstadt-based manufacturer.

Urbansphere’s 120kWh battery can provide a range of up 466 miles. The concept can be charged up to 270kW using the 800v charging technology.

A charger capable of such high speeds will add 186 miles to your range in 10 minutes. While a charge of up to 80% takes less than 25 minutes, it will take you just a few minutes.

The dual motor Urbansphere is equipped with an electric motor on each axle and a total output power of 295kW (396bhp), and 509 lb ft (509lb ft)

Audi has replaced the traditional grille with the “Audi Light Canvas”, an octagonal-shaped version of the Singleframe grille found on many of its electric models. The LED ‘digital Light Surface’ is a large, transparent area that covers the front of the car. It can communicate information to the driver.

The rear of the car houses a rectangular version of the LED canvas.

Audi created the “Audi Light Umbrella” as a tribute to China. This umbrella is luminous and can be carried by passengers when they get out of the car.

The Urbansphere SUV is large, but it was designed to be used in megacities and the Chinese market. Audi’s Beijing design studios and Ingolstadt headquarters were involved in the development of the concept. Potential customers from China also participated in the process.

This new concept has counter-hinged doors that have no B-pillar. The seats can be swiveled outwards to make it easier for passengers to get in and out of the car. A’red carpet light’ projector is placed on the ground near the vehicle.

Audi claims that the Urbansphere’s interior was not subjected to the “conventional maxim of stuffing as many seats, storage areas, and functional elements into a space as possible, given the limitations of driving physics”.

There are four seats inside, in two rows. The rear seats offer a lot of legroom and can also be adjusted to suit the passengers’ needs.

Each seat can also swivel around, allowing passengers and the driver to face one another. Each seat is equipped with its own sound zone, which includes speakers built into the headrests and privacy screens.

Individual monitors are mounted in the backs of front seats. When passengers want to use the infotainment systems together, an OLED screen with large format and transparency pivots vertically between the roof and the area between rows of seats. This creates a ‘cinemascreen’.

Audi claims that the Urbansphere cabin has been made from a variety of sustainable materials. The wood used in the Urbansphere cabin was sourced from nearby trees. The seats are also covered with recycled polyamide.

Automated driving allows you to hide the steering wheel, pedals, and conventional dashboard.

The Urbansphere is capable of performing everyday tasks such as ordering groceries and making reservations for dinner. The autonomous concept can pick up passengers from their homes and drive to a charging station or parking spot.

The infotainment system can also be customized, and a driver’s door control feature has been added.

Audi claims that the Urbansphere is a car designed for China, but it can be used in other countries. This opens up the possibility of the Urbansphere being produced worldwide.