Ford Mustang Mach-E GT review

Ford’s first all-electric Ford Fast Ford is the star of zero emission Mustangs

Vaughn Gittin Jr. drove the Ford Mustang Mach E at several events. He is a drift expert and smoke-smoker. The Mach E 1400, a four-wheel-drive demonstration car, was also included. Vaughn Gittin Jr drove it to several events that year. The car was designed to “showcase electric cars”. It was powered with seven motors and almost 1400 bhp.

Prototypes are less likely to be made than production cars. It is now up to Ford’s new Mach-E, the Ford Mustang Mach–E GT, to determine if its performance-oriented, range-topping Mach-E can match that of the prototype, or if it will be inferior. It doesn’t look like the Mustang, but I love the visual drama Ford brought to an otherwise dull crossover SUV.

Just 15 months after its right-hand-drive predecessors, the Mach-E GT is now available in UK showrooms. It is still affordable, even though it is slightly more expensive than premium-branded performance electric cars.

A car that isn’t a driver’s vehicle has no excuses. It’s a Ford Mustang, a fast car, and the first zero-emission Ford in our electrification-enamoured era. Even without the track antics or smoky tracks, it would have been a fantastic car to drive. Although some highly skilled competitors are priced too high (e.g., Porsche, Tesla, and BMW), there will soon be competition from Kia’s ID brand.