How to Blur a Background in Photoshop

A busy background can ruin a great photo. Photoshop makes it easy to blur background images in Photoshop. This guide will show you how to blur the background in Photoshop.

Blur Select Iris

Open your photo in Photoshop. To unlock a locked layer in your photo, click on the lock icon in the Layers panel. Next, open Filter > Blur gallery > Iris Blur. This blur can be used to select a focal point and blur the background.

Select Your Focus Area

After the Iris Blur loads you will see a blue circle with multiple dots appearing on your image. You can adjust the blur by moving the dots and this ring. The blue ring indicates the area of your image that is in focus. Place the ring’s center right next to the subject of your photo. Click and drag the ring to move it.

Clicking on one of the dots at the outer edge will adjust the blur and size of your ring. The feather is adjusted by the large, circular dots within the circle. This indicates how soft the blurred edges will be.

You can rotate the blur circle by clicking on the small dots around the perimeter.

You can adjust the circle by using the one-large white rectangle dot. This will change the shape to a rectangle or any other shape. There are many combinations you can make with these adjustments.

Blur Level Adjustment

You can adjust the blurry background by moving the slider to the right under Iris Blur. The blurrier your background will be, the higher the number of pixels. You can adjust the blur amount by going back to the circle and changing the blurred area.

Create Bokeh

You can also create bokeh. You can do this on the right side, under the blur options. You can increase the light bokeh in order to add bokeh to your scene at some bright spots. The bokeh can be adjusted to match the scene.

You can add more bokeh by adjusting the light range slider at the bottom. This determines which tonal values will be given the bokeh treatment. To increase the amount of bokeh, drag the slider to the left.

After you’re satisfied, click OK in the top menu bar and wait for the blur to load!