Hybrid Spaces Call for Hybrid Furniture Design: B&T Design

The boundaries between different types of spaces are less defined than they once were. We see blurred lines between public and private spaces, exteriors and interiors, formal and informal spaces, etc. All around us.

According to B&T Design, as spaces become increasingly multi-dimensional and hybrid, furniture design should be more flexible. B&T Design’s design philosophy is based on the idea that the type of space does not dictate the type, form, or identity of furniture.

Courtesy of B&T Design

“Our goal is to create space-independent furnishings and allow users to choose where they want to use our products,” states Alp Nuhoglu (B&T Design’s lead designer). Nuhoglu continues: “We don’t follow strict classifications for products to fit different spaces. We don’t try to label our products in a way that matches specific spaces, such as lobbies, restaurants, common areas in hospitals, universities, residential areas, or campuses. We want to inspire interior designers, both professionals and amateurs, to imagine the look that will best suit their projects with our collection and communication.

Courtesy of B&T Design

This philosophy is what B&T Design adheres to. They offer timeless, simple and universal designs that don’t get influenced by current trends. They can be adapted to different looks with a variety of colours, materials and leg types. You may see the same model in different projects. However, you will be amazed when you realize that they are identical.

Courtesy of B&T Design

Space-independent furniture is not just a design philosophy, but also the 360-degree communication activities. The images of the products and advertising materials do not clearly define spaces. The company’s purpose d’etre is described on their website as follows: We at B&T Design start every day with the simple question, “What new things are we able to do today that will encourage people?” We design sofas, poufs and tables as well as chairs and sofas. However, this question also inspires us to create looks, moods and emotions that will help create inspiring spaces.

B&T Design invites you to find “something new every day” in addition to the inspiring campaign. Famous fashion photographer Tamer Yilmaz captured these inspiring and striking shots. The campaign features bold and bold images of space-independent furniture.