J. Mayer H. Selected to Design New Façade of Cologne Main Station

J. Mayer H. won a competition to design a new facade for Cologne Main Station, Breslauer Platz in Germany. The proposal for the design frames the rail station’s sides with an all-around facade. It makes the most of the site’s natural resources and circulation, while offering an innovative use space. Rooftop landscaping will be used to provide protection from the rain, wind and sun.

The Platz’s existing structure will be extended and converted into an arcade with rooftop greenery. To create a visually cohesive facade, the proposed design will use the same design language as the existing triangular pavilion that is located at the subway station’s entrance. The intervention provides shade and protection for restaurants and bars as well as visual character.

Courtesy of Bloomimages

This design is unique in that it has a special architecture. It sets new urban accents. It’s climate-friendly, welcoming, and open, just like our city. Reker, Cologne Mayor

Courtesy of Bloomimages

Deutsche Bahn AG, a German railway company, emphasized its commitment towards sustainability with this project. Construction of the facade will be based on recycled materials, which means that it won’t use any CO2-intensive building materials.

J. Mayer H. has previously completed transportation architecture projects including the renovation of Europaplatz’s tram station in Freiburg Im Breisgau (Germany), which was part the overall redevelopment of the ring surrounding the old city. With its curving form, the new roof gives the square a modern appearance. It offers visitors a place that blends public transportation with urban experiences and gastronomy.