New DZOFILM Catta ACE ZOOM FF Lenses: 35-80mm & 70-135mm T2.9 for PL/EF Mount

DZOFILM offers professional and unique options in the expanding market for cine lenses. DZOFILM’s cinema lenses have a strong optical foundation, which ensures they deliver excellent images with a unique texture and feel. Finally, the long-awaited Catta FF is available for PL/EF mounts. The 35-80mm and 70-135mm T2.9 zoom lenses are now available.

DZOFILM is a worldwide success story that has been embraced by filmmakers and creators all over the globe. Although the DZOFILM Catta line has been a huge success, it was only available in a handful of mount options. With PL/EF, the options are endless. The lenses are very similar. Let’s take a look at the differences between the PL/EF DZOFILM Catta zooms.

DZOFILM CATTA ACE ZOOM lenses for ef pl mounts

DZOFILM Catta PL/EF Cinema Lenses Key Features:

  • Focal Lengths 35-80mm and 70-135mm
  • T2.9 -T22 Aperture
  • Image Circle: Vista Vision (46.5mm Sensors)
  • 80mm Front Filter Size
  • PL/EF Mounts ( additional E/RF/L/X/Z mountings available).
  • Cinematic quality images, Natural skin tones
  • A lighter, stronger and more effective parfocal for better breathing control
  • Wide Open Image – Clean Image
  • 16 Blade Iris featuring Round Bokeh, Fine Details and 16 Blade Iris
  • Mount interchangeable, quick-release standard
  • Includes Pelican Safety Box
  • 35-80mm T2.9 weighs 3.6 pounds, 70-135mm T2.9 weighs 3.77 pounds
  • Black Metal Exterior

Indie filmmakers use the majority of DZOFILM Cinema lenses for their productions. The glass’s cost is very affordable. DZOFILM glasses are considered to be one of the best sets available on the market.


DZOFILM Lenses – The Benefits:

DZOFILM is continuing to show its commitment to affordable glass by introducing two new cinema zooms that can cover Vista Vision (large format), 46.5mm sensors. This zoom has a large focal length, authentic colors reproduction and enhanced focus breathing that creates a cinematic image. These lenses are also very lightweight and inexpensive.

Catta zoom lenses are ideal for photographers who want to cover the entire focal length without having to switch lenses. The zooms are kept as light as possible thanks to the polycarbonate and glass fibre. These lenses are identical optically and mechanically. They combine a wide-angle lens with a telephoto lens in seamless fashion.

Smooth, round bokeh is produced by the 16-blade iris. This creates a natural transition between images and highlights. These lenses have a parfocal design and are perfect for documentary filmmaking, indie filmmakers, drone and gimbal shots, and documentary filmmaking. The edge of the frame is always in focus, so the audience can immerse itself in the story.

Catta zooms have a unique feature: the quick-change bayonet mounting system. This makes it simple to switch between filters and mounts. The PL/EF versions of Catta Zooms will now be available in black, instead of the white version. DZOFILM also offers an LPL-Mount Tool Kit to fit Vespid Prime or Catta Ace lenses.

DZOFILM CATTA ACE ZOOM FF 70-135mm T2.9 PL /EF mount

DZOFILM Lenses – A Top Pick For Filmmakers

DZOFILM is a strong member of the filmmaking community. The Catta FF zoom lenses are a great tool for content creators, filmmakers, as well as brave adventurers. DZOFILM products are compact, versatile, and affordable. They also balance aesthetics with utility.

The new DZOFILM Catta ACEZOOM Full Frame Lenses are now available in PL/EF. There are also other mounts, such as E/RF/L/X/Z. Each lens is equipped with its own safety case. You can also purchase the bundle or individual lenses.