Photographer Teaches Posing to Prove Anyone Can Be Photogenic

Portrait photographer and posing coach, I have a mission to help those who think they aren’t photogenic.

David Suh from Sacramento, California runs a course called “How to Be Photogenic in 30 days” and shares quick tutorials via his TikTok Page.

He has shared dozens of videos in which he shows how to properly pose for different types of photos. He gives tips for how to take better Instagram photos and how to pose properly for graduation photos.

Posing Techniques

Suh’s overall philosophy is to be confident and authentic. However, he also has specific poses he loves to teach like leaning against a wall.

Photographer Teaches Posing to Prove Anyone Can Be Photogenic | Flipboard

“Kick your hips a bit further away from the wall and then lean against the wall. He explains in a YouTube clip that natural hand placements include grabbing the jacket button and grabbing the fingers.

This is a common pose. Suh prefers to have the subject do something different against the wall to change it up.

“I love adding an editorial or magazine touch to my portraits. He says that he doesn’t want the portrait to have a LinkedIn-type headshot vibe.

“You can stand farther away from the wall and lean your shoulder against it. This fashion look is unique because we don’t do it every day. Fashion poses are often striking to grab attention. Exaggerated moves give that fashion look.

Suh also likes to use a flight stairs, which is a common feature of cities.

“I love giving a strong masculine appearance by sitting wide-legged. While balancing your chest forward and back, you can take different leans. You can project a commanding, badass energy to the camera by opening up your energy.

You can easily flip this image around to give it a softer look by moving your legs slightly to the side and doing a leg cross instead. We can soften our appearance by turning our energy away form the camera. A slimming effect can be achieved by turning your attention to the side.

Suh also suggests a third technique: lower the camera and place one of your legs on a higher platform.

You can kick your booty even further if you have one foot higher. Simply place your hand on your leg, and then lean over the camera. Enjoy placing the hand on the other side.