Travel Dreaming From Kenya to Rapa Nui

Kick back wherever you are sheltering and travel with us from Kenya to Rapa Nui, from Italy to the waters of Scandinavia.

Back in March and April, we stopped publishing new material from Perceptive Travel, instead doing a Salute to the Guides issue and one called You Weren’t Going to Go There Anyway. Those were collections of previous articles from the archives.

Last month we kicked back into gear again though, with a new round of the best travel stories you can find online, especially in these days of big media budget cuts and layoffs. We just put out a new issue with travel tales from wandering book authors.

Julia Hubbel stays at an unusual safari camp in Kenya, one that saves the animals by bringing in travelers, but goes beyond that by running a ranch and supporting local farmers so they can be more successful. It’s a program that really works by supporting wildlife and the neighboring humans. See the full Ol Pejeta story here.

We welcome author Jodie Bond for the first time. She’s a traveler who plied the waters of Northern Europe on a ship with 26 sails and a 100-foot main mast, the passengers joining the crew on duty in rotating shifts when they leave their bunks. See Sailing From Fredrikstad to Amsterdam.

Photos and stories going back to Debi Goodwin’s childhood linger with her for decades as she dreams of seeing the mysterious statues of remote Easter Island. The journey to Rapa Nui comes together just before the world shuts down.

Claudia Flisi pitched this last story to me right before Italy went into lockdown in March–not exactly great timing. Since that country managed to flatten the curve though, they’re now moving about in relative safety. So it was time to put out this one from the home of Parmesan cheese: A Phone Call From a Statue in Parma, Italy.

William Caverlee does the travel book review honors this month, checking out a Camino de Santiago guide from one of our contributors, Instagram in book form, and yet another “best of” round-up from Lonely Planet. See all three here.