Wanted: An ‘adventurous’ Airbnb host to live out their digital nomad dream in Italy

This is an extraordinary opportunity to live rent-free in a designer house and immerse yourself into Italian culture.

Although it may seem like a January mirage at first, Airbnb is actually looking for a host to take care of one of its Sicilian properties this summer.

Homestay giant bought one of the historic Italian houses for EUR1 and transformed it into a chic three-storey townhouse.

Where can I find the Airbnb property?


This story begins in 2019, when Sambuca di Sicilia, a small rural village launched its first rejuvenation campaign. Sambuca was named the most beautiful Italian village of 2016, despite having solid foundations.

With the increase in remote working there will be many applicants who want to Airbnb. The 1 Euro House is located around 80km south Palermo, Sicily’s largest city.

The rental site states that you will need to be passionate about nature, Italian culture, and interested in playing your part in Sambuca’s revival. The rental site states that participants must be committed to hosting and contributing to village life.

If you don’t find Sambuca’s sun-filled way of living too challenging, then here are the details you should know in order to participate in the competition.

What is it like to be the perfect host?


To apply, you must be at least 18 years old and have English conversation skills as well as an Italian or willingness to learn it.

You don’t have to spend it in isolation. A successful application can bring along a friend, their partner, or their family – up two adults and two kids.

You must move in by 30 June 2022.

The best bedroom will be yours, as well as the entire property, which has been given an Italian makeover by Studio Didea.

You have plenty of space to live your digital nomad dreams, and you can keep all Airbnb Host earnings.


Airbnb offers a free slice of the Italian lifestyle.

According to Airbnb, the initiative is part of a larger commitment to support rural communities in Europe and cultural heritage in Europe. This particular boost to Sambuca tourism, however, is smart as Sicily became a more popular destination during the pandemic.

Only four Italian cities, Rome, Milan, Milan, and Florence, accounted for more that 26 percent of all travel to the country in 2019. According to , a recent study, that lion’s share of travel to the country has fallen to less than 17 percent two years later. However, other destinations such as Sicily have risen up the rankings.

Airbnb claims it wants to meet this demand by working with Sambuca villages to restore their glory. The village seems to share its enthusiasm.

Mayor Leonardo Ciaccio said, “The beauty this campaign is that it gives another chance not only to an abandoned heritage house in the heart of our Village – but also to the person who will move into it. It is a makeover of the house by the designer for the Host.

“We are looking for someone who is willing to live in the community and take part in all the important events, from grape harvest to olive picking. We can’t wait until we get to meet the person that gets chosen!”

You can download the application form if you are interested in joining the fray for your big Italian adventure. The window will close at 4.45am GMT on 19 February.

View the video to see the house in action.