Whyte E-160 RS e-bike review

How much does it cost?

What’s it all about?
The Whyte E-160 RS full suspension electric mountainbike is designed with thrill in mind. This is the premium option of the E-160s. It features Fox suspension front and back and a Crankbrothers dropper.

It is what?
Let me start by saying the obvious: this machine is a beast. This bike is a masterpiece of British design, with a subtle Matt Moss colourway that adds to its appeal. It looks rugged and like it should be on a wild, moor, or deep in a forest. So that’s where I rode it in some of the best parts of Yorkshire and Lancashire, with great results.

Despite this, I wasn’t able to unleash its full potential. Although I’m familiar with Whyte bikes, I didn’t know much about the non-electric rough equivalents. The bike was too big for me to test and the performance suffered. Although the second lap of Gisburn Forest was not difficult, I felt more comfortable with the bike. I also found it easier to ride. However, I felt like I lost some control and agility because I had to use a larger frame.

Nonetheless, I can hands down say this is the most confidence-inspiring, exciting electric bike I’ve tested yet. Combining the Bosch mid-drive Performance Line motor with my complete trust in the bike made for some of the most enjoyable trail riding I have done in years.

Naturally, I am not a professional. Although I enjoy spending the majority of my day on a red or blue line, I found myself reaching features and climbing up technical ascents I wouldn’t normally avoid. I decided to push through when things got technical and not retreat.

I was also able go further than I would on an electric bike. Partially, this may be psychological. I think I have lost faith in my legs while riding my unassisted mountainbike, but the E-160 RS continues to deliver reliable performance with every power stroke.

There are four levels of assistance available from Bosch, but E-MTB really brings this bike to life. It is dynamic, meaning it responds to torque levels and provides the power you need (up to 250W). This was helpful in many situations, including riding along a fire road and riding with a non-assisted buddy or climbing technical ascents where speed and raw power are key to my success (I’m sure all mountain bike instructors are groaning).

Even when the motor is off, the ride quality is excellent. Although it is heavier than a non-assisted mountain bicycle, once the wheels turn, the only difference you can see is in the corners. It was a bit difficult to ride, but it’s probably due to its size.

A full-suspension electric mountainbike is not for everyone. It can be a little bit awkward to use the extra power. While it can be noticeable on certain trails, it was not noticeable on others. I found that the bike performed well on other trails. It is extremely well-balanced and the 27.5″ wheels handle everything I put their way.

The Maxxis tyres (Assegai 2.5″, Minion DHR 22.4″ at the rear) were able to handle everything, including deep mud and loose gravel. Fox suspension was able to absorb everything and didn’t seem lazy. Rock gardens are no longer a concern. I took some drop-offs with me.

It deserves praise for its endurance, which allowed it to travel to Gisburn twice with plenty of range. The SRAM GX Eagle has been tested extensively and the shifting was smooth. However, brakes (SRAM code R) suffered from some fading after longer descents. This is a personal indulgence. There is room on the frame to place a bottle cage. It is not a side-opening one but it is worth noticing if you don’t use hydration bladders.

It’s a great electric mountain bike. Although it costs a lot, it’s comparable to other bikes from Specialized, Moustache, Trek and Moustache. After riding the bike for a few hours, I would return to the carpark with a smile on my face and a tired body, as opposed to my friend who looked like he had completed three stages of Cape Epic.

It’s not that you won’t sweat or put in a lot of effort to ride the bike – you will. But by saving energy on climbs, you can focus on your technical skills and descending skills. You’ll also have a big smile on you face. The Whyte E-160RS is the perfect choice if you want to be as comfortable riding on trails and bike parks as you are on mountain roads.

Where can you buy it?
You can order directly from Whyte or through Whyte dealers all over the country.

How is it delivered?
Your bike will be sent to a Whyte store if you order directly from Whyte. You can pick up the bike at the retailer after they have completed a pre-delivery inspection.

A true joy to ride. The Whyte E-160RS is the bike for you if you are looking for endless thrills and to leave the trail centre feeling rejuvenated rather than totally exhausted.